Owners, Team Leaders, and Managers share

Here owners, team leaders, and managers of real estate offices share the experiences of taking the training and the effect that training has had on the agents that work in their offices. Many of them went on to recommend our online coaching program to their agents in order for their productivity and success online to continue beyond the classroom.

Michael Simpson

Jamey and Joey have consistently been top producing agents in our community. They are our #1 Team in my office, top agents in our City and Region and on track to be Millionaire Agents. What is awesome about Jamey and Joey's training is that they are "applying what they teach to real estate businesss and succeeding at phenonmenal levels" (yes listings as well as buyers). They can give you exact numbers but it appears to me that 95% of thier business comes from what they teach (the internet). Jamey and Joey do not hesitate to share their techniques they hand it to you without holding back; all you have to do is apply it.......and they will even coach you in addition to train you! The internet is very young and we are just scratching the surface of how it will evolve. Agents who desire to be around in the future will need to have internet presence or be left behind. I cannot recommend Jamey and Joey's training enough.

Michael Simpson, Broker/Owner Keller Williams Coastal Properties

These guys have it wired! In the last 5 years as an owner, manager of real estate offices I've trained literally thousands of real estate agents. Jamey and Joseph Bridges run one of the best training programs for their niche I have ever seen. It's paint buy numbers for success!

David James Berg III "DJ", Keller Williams Pasadena

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