“3 Minutes Into Your Next Phone Call You Make You Will Have Booked an Appointment WIth a Qualified Buyer Coming To Your Office...Guaranteed”

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Did you know when a prospect comes to your office, your chances of closing the sale double?


Your authority increases, they are prepared to follow your rules, and they will respect your knowledge.

You NO longer become someone who is just there to open up doors. You are now in the driver seat, just like when they have to go to a Doctor or Lawyer. You can finally lose the bad rap of being just like a used car salesman.

Becoming the Doctor is about committing to a 3 minute phone call and getting them to come to YOU for their real estate needs.

The methods you will discover here are powerful, unique, and aren't even taught by some of the top real estate coaches in the country. You will learn to be the Doctor and have clients jump through your hoops and begging for the opportunity to meet with you.

As real estate brokers ourselves we have used these scripts and methods to book hundreds of appointments each and every year. The scripts are easier than you think and don't worry about memorizing anything or sounding like you are reading a script because we won't ask you to memorize or ready anything, it's much easier than you think to book appointments.

You Won't Sound "Scripted" When You Are Just Asking Questions

No one wants to sound scripted, beause that makes you sound unprofessional. When you have to memorize some long, drawn out script, that is trying to "convince" the buyer to come in, you are destined to sound scripted!

We invite you to consider a different way to approach your phone calls. Instead of outlining facts, market data, or getting them to visualize their dream home, take just a few minutes to uncover their true needs. Helping someone to understand what their REAL needs are means asking thought provoking questions where they feel the need to meet with you.

Take for example the following question:

Have you had an opportunity to learn about the 100's of different loan programs available to you?

A question like this puts you in control and when they answer, "NO" that is your opportunity to book the appointment! (just don't use the word "appointment").

Get a FREE 3 Day Course And Uncover The Methods To Converting Buyers To Appointments in under 3 Minutes

In our FREE 3 Day Course on How to Convert Real Estate Buyers to Appointments in fewer than 3 Minutes you will discover:

  • Why asking questions about bedrooms and bathrooms on the phone is a SURE fire way to NOT get a single appointment

  • Why staying on the phone for long periods of time with a prospect is a great way to ensure they won’t show up for the appointment

  • How simple Yes/No questions are the way to get people knocking on your door for help

How Would You Feel If You Knew What To Say To A Buyer To Get Them To Take Action No Matter What They Said To You?

Have you ever noticed that it seems like buyers will do just about anything to avoid taking action? Well they have scripts that they use to keep them from making a decision and the key is to have the right script to compel them to take action.

By signing up for the 3 day script course above you will discover exactly what you can do to eliminate their fears so they walk right through your office doors ready to take action.

Has a buyer ever said to you any of the following:

  • I am just looking

  • I will pre-approve for a loan after I find the home

  • I have to am not ready to buy for 9 months

  • I don't want to work with only 1 agent

  • I just want the price

  • and more!

Buyers want to work with you, they are just testing you with these objections. They want a confident agent to represent them and the Ultimate Buyer Script System gives you the power and confidence to control the conversation with the buyer.

You don't have to memorize a script and sound like a robot you just have to have the right answer and say it in your own words.

We Would Like To Show You How to Handle Buyers Today

Consider the following different objections and the scripts used to turn that buyer filled with fear into one that is ready to get out in the field and writing offers. We have listed some of the toughest objections facing agents today. Simply click the "play" icon to the right of the objection handler to hear how to start booking more appointments.

I'm sure you will find these objection handling scripts easy to use. When you see how easy these are, I invite you to consider our Ultimate Buyer Script System which will uncover the techniques to turn the toughest objections into motivated buyers.

Objection/Role Play

Objection Handling Script

Role Play to get appointments from Internet Prospects! This is used on your very first call to website prospects.

I have an agent

I'm just looking

Discover The Techniques That Get Buyers to Take Action

I would like to show you how make more money with the buyers that you have today by simply changing what you ask of them. When you see how just small changes can make such a big difference you will be amazed. Your buyers will be so excited they will refer their friends so you can close even more business!

Having the right scripts isn't just about one CD or even one set of questions. Certainly you know there is more to working with buyers than that. I invite you to consider a complete system for working with buyers.

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Buyer Objection CD
Buyer Role Play CD
Buyer Mindset CD
Buyer Role Play CD 2
Voice Mail Scripts CD
Private 1 on 1 coaching session ($175 value)
Private e-mail to ask your toughest script questions


Complete Introduction to Google Adwords ($49.95 value)
Complete Blog System with companion CD ($49.95 value)
Transcripts ($75 dollar value)
Buyer Appointment Form ($24 value)
Succeed Online 2 CD Set ($49.95 value)

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We can't wait to hear your success story like Brandi:

Brandi Cushing"I was tired of the leads from my website saying they we're "just looking". I needed to close business but I didn't know what to say. I was so eager to improve I bought the Buyer Script CD's, listened to it in the car on a way to meet a buyer and got them to write an offer! That commission was worth $9,750 dollars to me."

Brandi Cushing, Marina Del Rey

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