“Agent uses simple Real Estate Web Site and generates 100+ leads a month ”

You don't need to create your site from scratch to succeed!

Can an easy to use & simple real estate website really generate over 100 leads a month? It certainly can as long as you pick the right vendor AND you know how to use it!

Choose the right Real Estate Website
You don't have to be a "techie"
to have a website that generates leads

The problem that most real estate professionals run into is that they don't even know what to look for in a website vendor and instead of researching to see who would be the best fit for them, they decide to do nothing. Well you don't need to scower the Internet for information, we have put together an easy checklist of real estate websites so you can see which one has the features you are looking for.

Now, you may being saying to yourself, a checklist sounds nice, but I am not even really sure what I need to look for! That's ok too as we are here to help you determine what you need to look for in a real estate website vendor. The reality is that the people who sell real estate agents websites want to sell you as many "features" as they can, but in general you only need a couple of key features on your website to convert those visitors into leads and those features are cheap. So what are the top 3 features you need to look for?

  1. MLS Feature - Buyers are looking for properties online so you need to make it easy for them to find what is available.

  2. Contact Forms - You need to have powerful calls to action on every page that allow the user to contact you so make sure you have easy to use forms to choose from.

  3. Unlimited Pages - In order to have a successful website you need to grow it with new pages. Make sure you can easily add new pages to your website.

If you have at least these 3 features you will be off to a good start. You may be saying that's sounds nice, but I already have a website and I just want it to actually start generating leads. Get the quick help you need from one of the expert real estate marketing coaches here at Online Real Estate Success.

Our FREE 20 minute website tune up is designed to let you know where you are currently at with your website and where you need to go. This isn't a disguised sales call, it's designed to get you jump started to success by identifying your problem areas. The times book up quickly so fill out the simple form and send it back to get your time with one of the coaches.

We invite you to discover more about the internet marketing for real estate that you can use with any website.

In this guide you will discover:

  • The #1 reason your blog or website isn't generating leads for you

  • How you can use a FREE blog to generate leads

  • How to write a page that the search engines & your next customers want to read

To your success online,

Joey and James Bridges

Joseph and James Bridges

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