Real Estate SEO Tools

Tools of the trade for real estate search engine optimization

In order to increase your organic results in the search engines, you will be performing what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's Real Estate SEOhard to build a house without tools,and certainly trying to do SEO for your real estate website is hard without the right tools!

As you work on your web presence you will often find that you need additional tools to maximize the content you are writing so that you can be well positioned in the search engines. If you want in-depth video tutorials to maximize your organic results try our online coaching program. Here are some tools that will help you to maximize your real estate SEO efforts.

  • WordTracker - Understanding the words and phrases that people are searching on is essential to good ad writing and creation of content. This tool will help you to uncover words and phrases that you might not have thought of so you can target as many customers as possible. You can discover 100's of words that people are searching for, so you can get customers to your website.

  • Keyword Analyzer - Determine the words and phrases that are bringing your competition success. Discover misspellings and see the ads that your competition is running. An essential tool for your real estate SEO efforts.

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