“A Total Online Real Estate Marketing Strategy Involves 4 Systems to Success”

Developing a solid online real estate marketing strategy for your business involves a number of aspects.  A well thought out marketing strategy will take into consideration your personality, your budget, and the goals of your business.

The great part about marketing online is you get a multitude of systems that you can implement that are affordable and will generate leads daily for your business.  Each system takes time to implement, but when you get at least 4 systems running you will have a non-stop volume of real estate flowing from your blog and website.

Each person is different and will have a different approach to their marketing efforts.  Here are different marketing systems that you can take into consideration to build a complete online real estate marketing strategy.

  1. Real Estate SEO – Search engine optimization is the art and science of getting your website up to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Doing your own real estate SEO work takes time and is definitely worthwhile consider the volume of traffic you can get when you reach the coveted top 10.   Having this as part of your total strategy is essential, but allow time for it to succeed as the more fierce the competition in your area, the harder it will be to break into the top spots for the high volume keywords.

  2. Pay Per Click – Pay per click gives you the opportunity to get instant targeted traffic to different pages within your website.  Pay per click is an excellent compliment to your SEO system as showing up in the organic results and the paid results can increase your volume of clicks by 7 times!  With this system in place you can get real estate leads for as little as a few dollars per lead.  This will give you an opportunity to get a near immediate return from your online marketing efforts.  Google Adwords and Yahoo offer the largest pay per click networks on the internet.  Starting with Google will give you access to the largest volume of potential customers.

  3. Social Networking – Social networking gives you an opportunity to move your traditional networking efforts to an online format.  Social networking will bring you the opportunity to build a referral base from agents across the country as well as to share your current activities.  Through creative status updates and participation in your network you will be able to develop a loyalty that will result in business every month.

  4. E-mail Marketing – E-mail is one of the most cost effective means of marketing.  If you have been building a list of past client and prospects you will be able to get results from them by effectively marketing to them.  It is important to tailor your e-mail marketing efforts to the specific segments of your list.  For example send prospects a message that provides them information they weren’t aware of and gives them an opportunity to reach out to you to learn more.   A touch to your past clients can have a different feeling since you have already established a relationship with them.

  5. Article Marketing – Article marketing gives you the opportunity to share your expertise by writing articles.  The article sites give you a huge platform to share your expertise and will drive traffic to your website.  The biggest ones are free to sign up and you will start getting traffic from the moment your first article is approved.  Some of the major article sites are Ezines, Buzzle, iSnare, and GoArticles.  Start with one and if you enjoy it, then try writing articles for the others which will really increase your traffic and leads.

  6. Directory Marketing – There are directories that won’t help you and there are other directories that will send you traffic each and every day.  Some of the high quality directories out there will have a dramatic impact on your real estate seo efforts as well.  Try getting into one of the largest directories, DMOZ.org, and then branch into niche directories like Relibrary.com and others. 

  7. Craigslist Marketing – Craigslist is the largest online classified system on the internet.  Users are looking for everything from a deal on a refrigerator to real estate.  Marketing on a regular basis here will drive serious traffic to your website and get your phone to ring with users interested in specific listings.  It takes discipline to follow a plan that will generate calls, but once you get it down, you will find you can have appointments each and every day from this system. We actually developed a complete real estate craigslist marketing system for real estate just to help everyone overcome some of the most common mistakes and to ensure you get calls from your ads.

Online marketing for your real estate business gives you the opportunity to get fresh leads each and everyday.  I invite you to consider choosing systems that are the best fit for your personality as that will ensure you stick with it and reach the success that you have always envisioned.

To Your Success Online,

Joey and James Bridges

James Bridges

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