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Joey and Jamey Bridges
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Dear Real Estate Professional,

Envision the following: Your real estate website is one that visitors crave to read and the search engines skyrocket to the top. These people on your website are eager to get more information, eager to take action, and they want to reach out to you to help them with their real estate needs.

The best part is you can get this to happen quickly and it won't cost you and arm and a leg. Getting a flood of highly motivated buyers to your website means mastering just a few key methods.

When you understand what your next customer (and the search engines) are looking for, then getting a flood of traffic and leads become 2nd hand.

We invite you to consider using the same techniques we have used (and continue to use) that will allow you to generate 10's of thousands of visitors to your websites each and every month.

With the information here you won't have to wonder anymore if people will visit your website each day. How would you feel if you knew with an absolutely certainty that a flood of people will visit your website each and every day? We would like to show you that this will happen and that the these will be the MOST motivated of prospects, ready to take action today.

Discover Techniques That Get the Right Visitors To View Your Website

Have you looked at your website and thought to yourself "when more people visit my website, I know they will want to contact me"? Maybe you have even attended a seminar hopeful that they would give you the answer to generate more traffic, only to be disappointed that you had to attend another class or buy a product from them before you would get the help you need.

There is a better way. We would like to suggest that generating targeted traffic to your website is more than just a single action. You might be amazed at how simple it is to get great traffic (and leads) from your website when you see what we are about to share.

Getting instant targeted traffic to your website comes down to two fundamental rules that 98% of real estate professionals miss.

  1. Quality content that people are actually looking for is the single biggest reason people will find your website before all of the other websites on the Internet including websites like "realtor.com".

  2. Advertising that content to the right people will increase the odds of someone working with you by over 33% because they have no choice but to work with the one person that they "keep" running into on the Internet.

When we started in real estate, we only knew how to build websites, and everyone in the industry told us it wouldn't work. Since we didn't want to door knock, do cold calling, or send direct mail, we were commited to making our websites work. After trying and failing a few times, we finally realized that creating traffic to our websites wasn't that difficult.

In fact, after just a short period of time we applied the lessons we learned to our websites and now our two fundamental rules generate over 15,000 unique visitors to our websites each and every month.

Most trainers and those who teach at seminars aren't practicing in real estate. They think you have plenty of time to try and fail, but we realize you don't have that time. You need something that can help you today so you can close business this month, not 6 months from now.

Jennifer Rupnow"Phenomenal insights on how Search Engines work & how to improve our websites using verified techniques. Jamey and Joey are dynamic speakers, well prepared and incredibly informed. Agents at our office are seeing results! " 

Jennifer Rupnow

Real Estate Agent

Keller Williams Santa Cruz

How Would You Feel If The Traffic Kept Coming Month After Month?

Getting a short term gain in traffic is easy. Anyone can promise you a few thousand visitors this month, but will it last? The reality is that most people who promise traffic can only do it for one month, but after that your traffic falls off the face of the earth.

See the screen shot below from our Google Analytics tool so you can see the consistent traffic month in and month out. With a solid system you can have the traffic you deserve each and every day.

Google Analytics Traffic
Screen Shot of Google Analytics Report Showing over 60,000 visitors

Getting consistent traffic brings leads in your e-mail each and every day. Building a solid base of content will have visitors craving for more and bring you business every month.

We Reveal The Methods For Instant Results

The content system provides you with clear examples and page layouts so Content System you know what to write to attract new clients. The content system gives you easy to follow steps so you will have visitors eager to contact you.

Don't be alarmed if you think you aren't a "good writer". Getting to the top of the search engines isn't about having a Masters Degree in Writing, it's about giving your visitors (and the search engines) what they are craving!

Our complete guide to writing successful content shares examples that you can follow and even includes an easy template so you can write your own pages in minutes.

Having powerful content only gets you past problem one. Once you have powerful content you need the right people to be viewing it. With millions of searches being performed on search engines every day, we need to make sure your website shows up to eager buyers.

Discover How To Get To The Top Of Google's Organic Search Results & Generate Leads For Free

Quick Start SEO Guide

When you can be everywhere a buyer searches you are virtually guaranteed that they will find your website and put their real information into a form on your website so that you can help them find the home that is right for them.

Our Quick Start Real Estate SEO System will give you step by step instructions to get your website to the top of Google's results regardless of the level of competition in your market.

This 20 page guide(See a sample of the system real estate seo system)will guide you to success on Google, Yahoo, & MSN. The guide will let you discover how to:

  • Use our 8 step technique to make every page on your website friendly to Google and attractive to your future clients.

  • Develop powerful content for your websites using an simple 8 step page development technique that will allow you to create new content for your website in minutes instead of hours.

  • Have the power of a 20 point checklist that unlocks the secrets to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will have your website dominating the search engines.

Our systems are easy to use and give you the step-by-step instructions you need to save time and get results. With your investment today you receive the following.

What's Included?



Complete Guide to Real Estate Content
Quick Start to Real Estate SEO System, Sample Pages
Quick Start Guide to Real Estate SEO Call (over 20 minutes & available for instant download)


Ultimate Keyword System (Parts 1 and 2)  
Succeed Online Success System ($49 value)  
30 minute 1 on 1 Coaching Session ($175 value)  

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  Real Estate Lead Traffic Basic Real Estate Traffic System Gold
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GuaranteeThat’s right we are so confident that if you purchase our products and you aren’t making more money and you aren’t generating more business then we will give you your money back less shipping and handling. So you might be asking who will check to make sure you had more business or that you implemented our system correctly. No one!

We mean it! If for any reason (or even no reason at all) you aren't absolutely delighted with our product, just send us a message via e-mail or phone...and we will guarantee that you get a friendly and complete refund immediately.

No Questions Asked. No Forms To Fill Out. No Hassles At All.

How Can We Afford To Be So Generous?

Easy -- so far, every single person we know of that has used our Real Estate Systems have been thrilled with our products AND improved their businesses -- that we are confident it will do the same for you.

Bonuses Buyer Objections

Ultimate Keyword System

Knowing what your next customer is searching for is an essential part to generating HUGE volumes of traffic.

In this 2 Disc set we take the guess work out of building a powerful list of keywords. You get the strategies and techniques that top professionals across the country use to create keyword lists that enable them to dominate their markets.

You will learn simple techniques (and even get the scoop on powerful tools) that will allow you to build your content and ads around the keywords that visitors crave.

Oh, and since keywords are essential to getting serious traffic, we have made these available to you to INSTANTLY download after you order the Gold System.

SucceSucceed Onlineed Online Success System

There is more to learn on the Internet than just pay per click and content and this system is designed to give you the tools, concepts, and direction you need to succeed. This system sold separately is $49.95 and is yours FREE!  

All of our products come with our NO Hassle 60 day money back guarantee.


We value your information and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our60 day Guarantee products. All of our products come with our complete no hassle 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. We solemnly pledge NEVER to spam you or sell your e-mail address to anyone.

To Your Success,

Joey and Jamey Bridges

Joey Bridges & James Bridges

Real Estate Internet Marketing Coaches

P.S. Still skeptical? It's understandable because you are probably trying to decide if this will really work as you are reading. But consider this...

When you follow the system as outlined you will have such a volume of traffic (and leads) that you couldn't imagine another way of doing business. If you don't get the results (or maybe you didn't even open the package) just send it back within 60 days and you will get your money back.

We can't imagine you would send it back, but you certainly can, no questions asked!

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