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Monday, July 16, 2007


3 Tips to Increase the CTR(Click Through Rate) in your Ads Today

So why would you want to increase your click through rate? Well it means that more people find your ad compelling and want to see what you have to offer. There is nothing better than increasing your click through rate on the ads you run on Google, MSN, or Yahoo. So we thought we would put some of our favorite ways to increase the click through rate.
  1. Use the keyword that you are advertising on in the title of the ad. For instance if you want to advertise on the word "San Diego Condos". Make sure this shows up in the title. It could be as simple as "All San Diego Condos".
  2. Use the key word in the domain name. Users on search engines and the search engines themselves reward for the word you are advertising on appearing multiple times within the ad. So in our above example if our domain was that would be fantastic. The user would see the word they typed in multiple times in your ad. Remember you don't have to have a separate website just a domain name that points to the landing page on your website that you want it to go to. You can pick up more domain names at Now you don't have to have a domain name for every keyword but for the top 5 or 10 you want to dominate in we highly recommend it.
  3. Make sure all your ads tell the user the benefit of going to your website not just a feature. For example a feature would be FREE MLS. The benefit would be "See all available homes without signing up". Remember it is about them not us.

We hope these three tips help you increase the performance of your ads today. Good luck on the Internet!

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