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Thursday, August 23, 2007


6 Top Ideas from KW Tech Camp

We hope that everyone who is back now in there offices checks this blog out so they can see what the latest happenings in technology are and what should be done to increase their web presence and most importantly the number of leads that you get so you can increase your bottom line. We thought we would put together our Top 6 best ideas from Tech Camp!

  1. You have to start blogging - Dustin, from, gave a fantastic presentation on the how and why of blogging. We hope everyone got from it that you really do have to blog and hopefully daily.
  2. Post your listings on the KWLS - the KWLS system pushes listings to so many different partner sites you are doing yourself and your sellers and injustice by not doing it.
  3. Put video on your website - I don't know how many times we had to hear that we needed video on our website. We were in the process of doing it anyway but now we really have to get on it. Give users the kind of experience they are looking for.
  4. Take advantage of FREE Websites - You can e-mail for the presentation done by the COO of trulia. There are hundreds of FREE websites to post things on so make sure you pick a few that work for you.
  5. Just get started - As with all things sometimes it can feel overwhelming but just get started with a small piece here and there and put a goal on your 4-1-1 and get going.
  6. Visit - ok you are already here so you know that but make sure that your friends, associates, and officemates know about this site so they can keep up to date on things.

So there you have our Top 6 Ideas from Tech Camp. We would love to hear what your favorite ideas were so let us know!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Perfomance on Google Matters - Check your ads

Often in the old advertising world of long ago you had to mail items out and wait to see how the response rate went or you waited for the magazine ad to go out and you waited to see if you got calls. If you didn't get any calls you changed the ad. But this process took weeks at best. It is expensive testing and you were having to deal with designers, copy write people, and the publisher as well. Now don't get me wrong magazines are not dead and we are not writing them off. But the beauty of Google and Yahoo is that their system allows you to check instantly whether you are doing things well.

In fact you get to know almost instantly how things are going. Set-up an add, select keywords, set a budget, and 5 minutes later the faucet is open. If you get a bunch of people clicking and visiting your website but now buys or sign ups you should look at your website. No one clicking your ad, then look at the copy. The great part is you can do this in minutes on Google.

Try different things, look at others ads, and most of all test. So if you want to know how your ad is performing just log into your Google Adwords account and check. It will tell you what your CTR(Click Through Rate) is. Your goal should be to keep this over 1%. Your sign up rate should be over 4%. If you aren't acheiving these than look at your ad or your copy on the landing page. In future posts we will highlight some changes you can make to landing pages.

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Monday, July 2, 2007


Are you running the right ad?

It is always amazing when people say "I have the perfect ad, can't get any better, no way, no how, never going to happen." Now this could very well be the case but then you ask that person how do they know and they have no idea they just say they do.

Luckily if you advertise with Google Adwords they give you an option that allows you to run two ads at the time same for the same set of key words. Now the ads aren't literally running at the same time but what Google does is alternate them. Google keeps doing this until it determines which is the better ad. Now since Google is a system and not a person it judges your ad based on the number of times that someone clicks on it. The more people click the more that Google determines that this ad is "more effective". Now we always say you should double check things. There is a fantastic website that allows you to do just that. In fact it will even tell you which ad it feels is the better ad.

You can visit this website at This website is 100% free and gives you a great tip on how to make sure that your ads are performing at their best.

Just make sure that you always have two ads running at all times and you can make sure that you always have the best ad running. When one starts to fall too far behind in performance check it out against If it agrees with Google sounds like you need to delete the ad and write another one to take its place! Good luck and happy ad writing!

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