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Monday, October 22, 2007


4 Key Factors to determine Search Engine Relevance from SEOMoz

4 Key Factors to determine search engine relevance. There was a great post on SEOMoz that I wanted to make sure I could share. It really helps break down the sometimes complex theories of the algorithms of the search engines into 4 simple rules. This post was done by Randfish and I definitely encourage everyone to take some time to review the post. Here is a breakdown of his 4 key factors:
  1. Keyword Usage and Content Relevance - He breaks this rule down from the obsolete idea of keyword stuffing to ideas that relate to latent semantic indexing.
  2. Raw link Juice - Here you get to understand how high powered sites linking to you has a dramatic effect.
  3. Anchor Text Weight - Learn how the keywords that link to you affect how your page is found.
  4. Domain Authority - In a nutshell, how long term domains that have been trusted can impact the success of your website.

Take some time to review his post for some wonderful imagery and a great set of detailed explanations on each item.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007


5 Directories to build targeted Traffic!

Real estate Directories are a wonderful way to get inbound links pointing to your website to help you increase your visibility in organic searches. In order to maximize your real estate internet marketing you will want as many websites pointing to you as possible.

Now, you want to be careful that you don't accidentally join a link farm, which will actually hurt your results in the search engines. Quality real estate directories will have information that is of value to customers and may even be difficult to get accepted into! Some of the most powerful quality directories are as follows:

1. Yahoo! - Yahoo actually has one of the most powerful and influential directories online. It comes at a price of $299 a year.
2. DMOZ - This is the largest human edited directory. It can take many many weeks to get accepted into this directory, but it will be well worth the wait. Make sure you submit your site to the appropriate category and the best part it is totally FREE.
3. RealEstateABC - This dedicated real estate directory has a Google PageRank of 6. It provides excellent information to customers and is easily browsed. We get visitors from this site every month.
4. Real Estate Library - This educational site with tips, reports and articles has a Google PageRank of 5 and has wonderful directory to place your website in. There are two packages of annual listings from $59 /yr to $119 a year.
5. Strongest Links - This site is not a direcotry but has a wonderful section on directories that are high quality. They list many directories and their respective costs.

There are plenty of directories out there, so take time when choosing which ones to join. Optimally you will want directories that are human edited so you can ensure that your link is viewed by the search engines.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007


5 Items to Test for your Landing Pages

Testing your landing pages is what can help you to get more contacts out of the same visitors! Landing pages are where you send your customers from you online marketing like pay per click. Often as soon as we get some results that we are happy with, we stop trying to see if we could improve those results :).

For simple testing of pages you may want to consider changing the following changes to different versions:
  1. Display the same adcopy in a different format (i.e. with bullet points or bolded)
  2. Drastically different adcopy to get he same idea across
  3. Different colors on your page
  4. Change Page Titles on each version
  5. Provide a Guarantee on some versions and none on the others
The professional SEOs recommended testing anywhere from 3-9 versions! Try testing a few different landing pages with your real estate pay per click ads to see what has the greatest impact. A great BLOG post by SEOmoz, a leading SEO company in Seattle, put together an in-depth article so you can consider different aspects of Landing pages and how to convert visitors.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Discover Hidden keywords with Wordtracker

It is often difficult to find out what keywords are being searched for on the internet. There are free tools out there so you can see what searches are being done, but they often rely with you guessing different combinations of words, which can be tiresome! We have put together a resource on our website so you can learn more Wordtracker with a FREE 3 page report.

If you are taking real estate search engine optimization seriously, then you will want to try a tool like, Wordtracker. They have memberships starting at just 1 week so you can develop a powerful word list! We have been using Wordtracker for quite awhile, and here are some of the highlights of how it works.

  • Searches over 300 million searches to determine what searches are actually being made

  • Visits 200 related websites based off of the term you type to find related terms

  • Gives you the actual search volume of keywords for the last 90 days

  • Allows you to save projects so you can keep track of your words while you are developing new content and PPC campaigns

Using a tool like Wordtracker can maximize your SEO efforts for your real estate website. The added benefit is you can use the same words for your BLOG postings and online ads. Give it a try for a week or try their FREE trial and see how many keywords you can discover!

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Thursday, July 5, 2007


SEO Efforts with a Sitemap = Success in Search Engines

In order for you to succeed with your SEO efforts, you will want as many of your pages visible to Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines as possible! Now, you have probably read that the search engines have "spiders" constantly searching the web for new pages, but they won't always get to all of the pages on your website. do you ensure that the search engines see more of your web pages?

Answer: Create a Sitemap

Creating a Sitemap using FREE tools can help the search engines see over 90% of your website! This little used feature will give your website more exposure in the search engines, because more of your pages are visible to them!

A wonderful Free Tool to create your site map is . By simply inputting your web address you can create your FREE XML Sitemap.

Once you complete your Sitemap, you will want to upload it to Google's Web Master Tools, or to Yahoo's Site Explorer! Getting your web pages visible using the Sitemap will get you maximum impact for your SEO efforts as a Realtor!

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Monday, July 2, 2007


Are you running the right ad?

It is always amazing when people say "I have the perfect ad, can't get any better, no way, no how, never going to happen." Now this could very well be the case but then you ask that person how do they know and they have no idea they just say they do.

Luckily if you advertise with Google Adwords they give you an option that allows you to run two ads at the time same for the same set of key words. Now the ads aren't literally running at the same time but what Google does is alternate them. Google keeps doing this until it determines which is the better ad. Now since Google is a system and not a person it judges your ad based on the number of times that someone clicks on it. The more people click the more that Google determines that this ad is "more effective". Now we always say you should double check things. There is a fantastic website that allows you to do just that. In fact it will even tell you which ad it feels is the better ad.

You can visit this website at This website is 100% free and gives you a great tip on how to make sure that your ads are performing at their best.

Just make sure that you always have two ads running at all times and you can make sure that you always have the best ad running. When one starts to fall too far behind in performance check it out against If it agrees with Google sounds like you need to delete the ad and write another one to take its place! Good luck and happy ad writing!

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Increasing your Popularity Leads to more customers!

Although it has come under some debate, the importance of inbound links it is still a large portion of the popularity determination of a website. Especially as more and more pages are uploaded onto the web I can only imagine that inbound links will continue to be a large portion of determining relevance for people searching.

In that vain, I wanted to provide a few tips on how you can easily build links and give you a great resource that gives you 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity!

Make your content easy to understand and easily accessible! - Sounds obvious, but the reason people will link to you is because you provide quality content so take some time to write good copy.

Directories - There are many, many directories out there that can give you a quality inbound link for a page with a high PR. Check the page rank of the page so you can make sure it is being spidered! Here are a few out there that you can start with.

Building quality inbound links is a process that takes time and will certainly help you increase your exposure in the search engines. On our sites dedicated to Long Beach Condos and Long Beach Real Estate we are still always working on increasing our inbound links as a portion to continued success on the web. It takes some time but the dividends will pay off :).

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