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Monday, January 14, 2008


5 Different Ways to Use Your Domain Name in Google Ads

Have you ever tried to change how your domain name is displayed in your ads? Hopefully you have tested out different methods and different display types with your domain name in your Google Pay Per Click ads. A better question might be why even try? The main reason you try different ads is to appeal to different people and see which one tests better giving you the best results. I thought today we would go over different ways to use your domain name in your Google Adwords Ads. Remember you 35 characters for display.

  1. - Try capitalizing the different words in your domain name and see what effect that has. This happens to be our favorite.
  2. - all lower case may appeal to some as well so it is good to try it in different ways.
  3. - remove the www. It is not required for Google to have it and if someone typed in your address without the www most web browsers resolve this automatically.
  4. - use a word or phrase after the slash. You don't have to have the directory on your website but it will attract the potential visitors attention.
  5. - capitalizing just the city that you work in is also a great way to attract the users attention.

I always recommend testing two different displays of the same domain name or URL when you are running ads. If you have a greater CTR(Click Through Rate) when you have a different display format of your domain name then you have a winner on your hands! Good luck and enjoy success online.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008


3 Things You Shouldn't Say to an Internet Prospect

Ever heard the phrase "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything." Well there are definitely some things that you shouldn't say to an Internet prospect. Remember they found you online and that is where the relationship starts and they do want to speak with you but we have found there are some things you want to avoid when speaking to an Internet prospect.

Top 3 Things You Shouldn't say to an Internet Prospect
  1. I will mail you out a list of properties - This may sound funny but think about it. They found you online so they will want their information on line. Unless you have some large relocation packet that can't be e-mailed make sure they get it via e-mail or a website.
  2. I will set you up to get listings next week - If they found you on the Internet they want things fast and by fast we mean modern day standards of fast. They want things done quickly and don't have days to wait. Make sure they get their information "as soon as you hang up the phone" or "by tomorrow morning". This is the speed they are looking for.
  3. I will call you as soon as a property meets your criteria - while they certainly do want to hear from you on the phone Internet prospects prefer e-mail or texting and this is the way they want to receive updates about new properties.

Remember Internet prospects want their information quickly and will actually help you by doing much of their research online with you. You just must give them their information quickly and make sure that you use the correct real estate scripts when speaking with them.

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