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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


4 Reasons Not to Use More Than 20 Words Per Ad

Has anyone ever read the sentence in Google where they tell you not to use more than 20 words per ad? It is right above the area where you add new keywords to an ad group. This small one sentence is terrific advice that unfortunately I rarely see followed. I have seen ads that have literally over 1,000 words pointing to the same ad.

So why shouldn't you use more than 20 words per ad? Well let's take a look at some great reasons to have less than 20 words per ad and see why?
  1. Your ad should use your keyword - If you have 20 words that are similar to each other you can use them in your ad. Keeping your list to 20 will allows you to do that. Remember that "Santa Monica CA home" and "Santa Monica CA homes" are two different words that are close to each other and would work well in the same ad group.
  2. The more specific your ad the better it will perform - we all want better performing ads because that means cheaper costs, a better Click Through Rate, and more people visiting. When your ad matches the words it is advertising on it will appeal to more to the people searching.
  3. More than 20 words makes it hard to make the landing page match - Remember that your landing page should match up with your ad. Remember if you are advertising on "Santa Monica CA Home" than your landing page should have a title and a heading that mention that same phrase. This connects the ad with the page and makes the visitor likely to stay longer and request more information.
  4. Your domain name hopefully has your keyword in it - If you have 20 words that are similar to each other you can either have a domain name that contains them or at least a directory for that phrase that you can display to the potential visitor. The more times that a potential visitor can see the keyword or phrase in the ad the more likely they are to click the ad and visit your website.

Remember that the more specific you are in your ad the better off you will be. You will reap the rewards in lower costs and better CTR(Click Through Rates) which means more visitors and more customers.

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