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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Right Keywords Increases Ad Performance

When we are setting up a new Google Adwords campaign it is important to be as specific as possible with the ad and the keywords that you select. We found that some of the biggest frustrations with Google Adwords is what words should people select to advertise on and then once they have those words what ad should they put with those words.

So we have the two problems:
  • Word Choice
  • Ad matching those words

Let's keep this as simple as possible. Sometimes it is easier to write the ad before the keyword selection. You can always write the ad and then modify the key words.

Lets look at the ad that above. The ad is for Spring Valley Homes. Now The web address has CA in it so it is the Spring Valley in California and not the one in Indiana.

Ad Matching those keywords

When we hit a wall with keywords selection we will write an ad first and then find the words that will go along with that ad. In the example above we have an ad for Spring Valley Homes. It is simple and to the point.

Word Choice

This is usually the harder part of the equation. So in our ad example above we mention Spring Valley Homes. A few rules for adding keywords to an adgroup are that you don't want more than 30 keywords. This actually makes it easier because the ad will match better to a smaller set of words.

A sample word list for the ad above would be as follows:

  • Spring Valley Home Sales
  • "Spring Valley Home Sales"
  • [Spring Valley Home Sales]
  • Spring Valley home sale
  • [Spring Valley home sale]
  • Home Spring Valley sale
  • Sale Spring Valley Home
  • Spring Valley CA Home
  • [Spring Valley CA Home]
  • Spring Valley CA Home Sale

For why we use brackets or quotes see the post on match types. As you can see above the variances in the keywords for that ad are small. You are always better off having less keywords in an adgroup than more as it will increase performance of your ad because the ad will be more specific.

We hope this helps you focus your ads and your keywords and remember to take it step by step to make things easier. Implementing the strategies above helped many of our ads increase conversion by over 10% and increase Click Through Rate 30%.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Don't just optimize your home Page - 3 ways to capitalize on visitors from any page

Looking at just the home page of your website to ensure a user gets to the "most important" areas of your website can be a big mistake. I have seen some groups state that you MUST put a tool to search the MLS and a tool for CMA's prominent on your home page because that's what a internet buyer is looking for. While I think they are often looking for that type of information, only making tools like that easy to get to on your home page can lead to losing the visitors who enter from other pages.

For example on one of our websites dedicated to Long Beach Condos, only 14% of our visitors came in through the home page! WOW! If we only concentrated on making powerful tools available on the home page we might miss out on a some great contacts.

So what should we do instead? Here are 3 ways to ensure you capitalize on visitors coming in through any landing page:
  1. Call to Action - Have a Call to action on every page. Whether the call to action is to a buyer tool like an MLS search or a seller tool like a CMA make it easy for the visitor to see they need to go there.
  2. Menu Choice - If you find your MLS search tool is possible, make it a selection on the navigation of your website so regardless of the landing page a visitor can get there.
  3. Review your reporting tools - See which pages have become popular using your Google Analytics or other reporting tool so you can ensure people are converting from those pages.

So have fun looking at the pages on your website so you can capitalize on visitors finding your website on any page!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Google Match Types - Broad vs Exact Which is better?

For those who are new to Google Adwords there are 4 different types of matching that can be done for your ads. They are as follows:
  • Broad Match
  • Exact Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Negative Match

These are used when you add words to your ad groups. For today's post we are going to cover Broad Match and Exact Match. By the way one is not really better than the other it just depends on what your goals are. So let's get into each one and figure out why we would want to use each one differently in our real estate ads.

For all of our examples today we will use the word that we are advertising on as 'Spring Valley Homes' in reference to my hometown of Spring Valley, CA.

Broad Match

If I want to advertise on the search phrase 'Spring Valley Homes' and I want a match that covers as many different search possibilities as possible I will add the phrase Spring Valley Homes to my Google Ad Group without "",[], or - around the word. I would merely just add the word to my campaign. So what does this mean then.

This means any time someone types any phrase that contains the words spring valley homes my ad will appear. So what are the problems with this. If someone typed in the following phrases I would appear:

  • spring valley homes for rent
  • homes spring valley by food
  • food in spring valley homes
  • Rent spring valley homes

This means my ad is possibly showing up to people who I don't need to see my ad and may click it even though I don't want them to. Keep in mind this isn't always a bad thing but it is a very broad search and for that reason you will want to watch your ads carefully.

Exact Match

This is basically the opposite of a broad match search. When you put [] around your words such as [Spring Valley Homes] that means the user must type exactly that phrase. In fact if they type anything else before or after those words your ad will not trigger. The sample list below shows when my ad would NOT show up.

  • Spring Valley Homes for sale
  • Spring valley homes for purchase
  • buy spring valley homes

Now you can see that I would miss out on these searches but I would get anyone interested in just Spring Valley Homes. I would probably be getting a person just starting their search and that is who I would be targeting with the ad.

Each match type has it's place in your ad groups. You want to make sure to use different types of match types in your ad so it triggers for different types of users. Have fun with it and you can always check out the free guide I wrote on Improving Your Performance on Google Adwords. We also have a free video tutorial section on different portions of Google Adwords as well at

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Friday, November 16, 2007


Top 3 ways to use FeedBurner to Publicize your BLOG

FeedBurner is a free product, now owned by Google, that allows you to achieve greater exposure for your BLOG. The tool has some extensive tools to analyze your BLOG data, but here I thought we would focus on the aspects of FeedBurner that allow you to promote your BLOG. These can be accessed from the "Publicize" tab.

  1. Headline Animator - This allows you to create a banner ad that rotates the latest headlines that are on your BLOG. This is wonderful to put on your websites so you can get people to visit your BLOG as well.

    Long Beach California Real Estate Resource

    ↑ Grab this Headline Animator

  2. E-mail Subscriptions - This tool will allow you to include a small form on your website or BLOG to allow people to subscribe to your new posts by just entering an e-mail address. As more people are more familiar with E-mail, than RSS readers, this can allow you to gain more subscribers quickly.

  3. BuzzBoost - This tool allows to republish your feed as HTML. Again, you could put this on your website so visitors can take a look to see the latest activity on your BLOG.

FeedBurner has many different tools available for FREE, but even just using these 3 will help to gain more exposure for your BLOG.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


4 Reasons Not to Point Google Ads to Your Home Page

One of the things that can frustrate anyone who uses Google AdWords is not seeing results. Now one of the surest ways to make sure you don't get the results you desire is to drive all visitors from Your Google AdWords Campaign to your home page. There are reasons for this so we will go over our

Top 4 Reasons Not to Point Your Ads to Your Home Page
  1. They are looking for something specific - this is the best reason not to point an ad to your home page. A user who clicks your ad has something very specific in mind. Your home page is general. Give them what they want.
  2. It will take more visitors to get the same results - If you weren't paying for each and every visitor this may not be a big deal but you are. So if you have to pay for 10 times as many visitors to get the same results then you are just wasting money.
  3. It is not how Google Recommends you to do it - Now Google even tells you in various tutorials that you want to make your ads specific and make sure they match up to your landing page or destination page. Ensuring that you follow a winning formula is a great way to ensure success.
  4. Your Visitor wasn't trying to get to your home page - often times the home page is a great place to start for a user who finds you organically because it provides an array of choices to start their visit but the visitor wasn't trying to get to a general page.

Remember you want your ads to go to pages that match up to exactly what the user was looking for. In a perfect world each ad would go to it's own page and that would be exactly what the user was looking for. Since we don't have the time for perfection we want to strive toward it and make sure that each ad goes to a page within the website that matches to that ad. If you don't have a page that matches the ad you may want to ad a page. Good luck with Google. For more information on how to improve your ads check out our 5 Tips to Improve Ad Performance Guide.

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Friday, November 9, 2007


Top 4 Places to Submit Your Website

One of the best ways to kick start your website in the search engines is to let them know that you exist! Here are 4 places that you must submit your website to, in order to be found.
  1. Google -
  2. - This open directory project is a must have! -
  3. MSN - They are quickly growing their search engine and you will definitely want to be a part of the growth. -
  4. Yahoo - The number #2 Search Engine can't be ignored. They have some great products to help you, but make sure you start by submitting to get listed -

If you at least get started with these steps, your real estate search engine marketing results will start off strong.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


4 Reasons to use Google Conversion code

Google Adwords is a great program to get traffic to your website instantly. In fact it is the quickest way that you can get visitors to your website.

Now having people visit your real estate website is great but having them convert to buyer leads or selling leads is better. So how can you tell if people converted to leads? Well you use Google's conversion tracking code that's how. Don't be afraid if you aren't a technical wizard. Thanks to Google you don't have to be. So let's go over 4 Great Reasons to Use Google Conversion Code.
  1. 1. It is easy to implment the code - Google gives you the code necessary in order to track how many people converted to a lead from your paid ad.
  2. You will know the cost of your leads - nothing helps you determine if your money is being well spent wisely than knowing what you are getting for your dollars.
  3. You have something to judge success on - You want a conversion rate of at least 5% on all of your landing pages. Some of our landing pages have conversion rates as high as 36%.
  4. Google gives you tutorials - if you want to put this code in yourself google offers multiple tutorials in both print and in video format that make it easy to get going.

So get that code added today so you can begin to have the kind of success you want out of your Google Ad campaigns. The picture above shows where you need to go in your Google Adwords account to get things started.

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