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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


6 Reasons to Use Statistics in Your Blog

OK so you can't possible think of something to put on your real estate blog. How about statistics? There isn't a home owner or home buyer out there who doesn't want to know what the real estate market is doing yet statistics is one of the hardest things to find on the Internet. I know that some MLS systems even have built in reports and if you are allowed to use graphs or charts from them even better. Even if you can't use their charts you can quickly create your own using Microsoft Excel or another spreed sheet program. So we thought we would give you:

6 Great Reasons to use stats in your real estate blog or real estate website

  1. Statistics are hard to find - Try seeing what sold last month in an area without using the MLS. It is so difficult it is unfair. Think how home owners and home buyers would view your knowledge if you let them know about what is going on.
  2. They are valuable - Everyone needs to know what is happening. Tired of losing a listing presentation because someone said the market is doing better than it is. What if you became the source?
  3. Consumers want them - Home buyers and sellers need to know what is going on and they are searching for it. They are just having a hard time locating it.
  4. Others aren't doing it - It is always better to be first rather than last. Just because everyone has access to the data(Realtors(R)) doesn't mean they are letting people know about it. Let consumers know.
  5. They always change so it is always something new to write - One of the hardest things to do sometimes is come up with something new to write. Thankfully someone is always buying or selling so numbers will change. Even if no one is buying or selling you can still show that as well!
  6. It makes for great charts & Graphs - Having visuals is great because it makes your blog different and more interesting to your readers. You can create charts in literally minutes with Microsoft Excel.

So go forth and add stats to your blog or website and become the source for information.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


5 Reasons to Use Multimedia in Your Blog

So are you tired of just writing sentence after sentence in your blog? If you are your readers might be as well. After all we are in the new era of the web were bandwith is high and people have high speed access at home and at work so why would we only just write text? The answer is you probably shouldn't be just writing. So we thought we would give you 5 great resons to use multi media in your blog.

  1. It adds a visual impact - nothing adds impact like a great picture. After all a picture is worth a 1,000 words right? So why not throw up a picture of what you are talking about. If you are talking about the benefits of improving a kitchen maybe a nice before and after picture.

  2. Video says it for you - That's right a little video never hurt anyone. In fact you can upload your video to and they will host it for you and give you the html to put in your page. We put up video on our Long Beach Home Blog so you can see a sample of what to do. That clip took about 40 seconds to record, 2 minutes to upload to youtube, and another 60 seconds to copy and paste the HTML they gave me into the blog. So for under 5 minutes I think it is worth it.

  3. Sound is a great way to introduce your blog - we put sound on our blog as well using some easy to use software by in InstantAudio.Com. This software is great and is easy to use. By the way we use it to describe our properties on our regular websites as well.

  4. Others aren't doing it - Want to be first? That's right many people aren't yet adding pictures, sound, and video to their blog. This makes you stand out among all of the other blogs that are available for a user to select. After all you are competing for readers and what better way to improve your blog by adding something that no one else will do.

  5. Your readers want it - so if all of the other reasons don't convince you to do it your readers do want it. People want more out of websites and blogs than just plain text. They want entertainment with their information so give it to them!

In case you also are thinking we don't practice what we are asking you to do we have some video for you as well!

We hope that convinces you to add some multimedia to your blog. You can always check out ours for ideas at and another great one we like is

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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Creating Focused Content brings a Quick Buyer!

As you are developing content for both your BLOG and your real estate website, think about what visitors are looking for in relationship to the time frame that they may be looking. A wonderful post on the Real Estate Tomato brought up how you can take a look at the relationship of terms someone is searching for to the time frame that they are willing to purchase in. Here are some highlights derived from their post that were arrived at by Cydee Haydon:
  • Blogging about a large area like a city (Tampa Bay was used as her example) - resulted in buyers who were 12-24 months out.
  • Blogging about a city within Tampa, like Clearwater she was able to get buyers in the 12 months and under time frame
  • Blogging about a neighborhood or condo complex like SandPearl she was able to get buyers from 1-6 months out.

If you think about how someone does research for real estate on the internet this makes alot of sense!!! This type of data has occured in our websites as well. As people search for the Long Beach real estate they can be on a longer time frame, but if they request a specific building like 1400 Ocean Blvd they have already become familiar with the city of Long Beach and now know they want downtown long beach area and preferrably a specific building.

So have fun creating content for your BLOGs and your websites that bring in clients of all time frame.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


5 Topics for Your Real Estate Blog

Now hopefully you have a real estate blog that is either integrated with your website or is separate from your website and marketed differently. One of the things that we find is hardest for agents to do is to come up with new topics to write on and because they don't have new topics they stop writing and their blogs aren't updated on a regular basis. Here are 5 content ideas you can use for your blog and the great part is you can keep reuse them every single month!

5 Topics for Your Real Estate Blog
  1. Monthly Sales Statistics - This is one that you make sure to report every first of the month. Keep it consistent and you will have a regular following that checks to see what the figures were at. Let agents know you will be posting it so they can check it as well.
  2. Loan Products - Banks are continually offering new products so that buyers can buy or builders can build. Get your favorite lending partner to post every month on what is new out there.
  3. Loan Rates - A great resource to reference is They always post the latest available rates from different lenders. If you had a few lenders send you what the latest rates where one a week or once a month you would have a regular topic that people are always interested in.
  4. New Construction - Most areas have some form of new development occurring on an ongoing basis. Blogging on it and reporting it are key to more great content.
  5. Fun Events - It doesn't always have to be about real estate. You can mention a carnival or fair that is going on and mention what area of town it is in. Since it has to take place somewhere it is related to real estate and people always like to have a source for information.

Have fun with this 5 Blog Topics for your Real Estate Blog. It is more important to keep posting than to not post at all so good luck with your blog!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Click Through Rate - Make Sure You Check Your Cost

With all of the great tools that Google has to report to you what is going on with your ads, campaigns, and keywords it is quite easy to get soley focused on a few stats and the one that is, in my opinion, the easiest to get focused on is CTR or Click Through Rate. Now obviously this is a very important part of the Google formula. Google uses CTR to judge how effective your ad is and by that where you will place combined with your bid amount. That is not the point of this post however. Today I want to make sure you focus on your cost per conversion. This is how much you are paying to get a lead or to get a purchase. In real estate you are paying for a chance to help someone with real estate information.

So the cost you pay is very important. We find that at least 1 out of every 10 leads that we receive is ready to meet with us today. Now of course we have to ask them to meet with us but we find this to be true time and time again over the number of leads our team generates every month. Keeping an eye on the cost is key. We of course always want the lowest cost per lead possible and are always looking at our ads to drive the cost down. Currently our cost is just slightly over $10.32 per lead for our condo website. The average commission on condos we sell, we focus on the entry level, is $7,950. We know that it will take at least 10 leads or $103.20 to get 1 solid buying appointment and 25% of the time that person will buy within the next 90 days. So we pay $412.00 for each closed sale or a 19.29 times our money in return. That that is just within 90 days as we know that another 25% of those will also buy within 12 months and we just have to follow-up with them.
So with all of these numbers you want to focus on your ads and your cost per lead. Make sure that you use Googles conversion code in your website. Have your webmaster put it in for you so you can judge the ultimate success of your landing pages.

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Monday, October 22, 2007


4 Key Factors to determine Search Engine Relevance from SEOMoz

4 Key Factors to determine search engine relevance. There was a great post on SEOMoz that I wanted to make sure I could share. It really helps break down the sometimes complex theories of the algorithms of the search engines into 4 simple rules. This post was done by Randfish and I definitely encourage everyone to take some time to review the post. Here is a breakdown of his 4 key factors:
  1. Keyword Usage and Content Relevance - He breaks this rule down from the obsolete idea of keyword stuffing to ideas that relate to latent semantic indexing.
  2. Raw link Juice - Here you get to understand how high powered sites linking to you has a dramatic effect.
  3. Anchor Text Weight - Learn how the keywords that link to you affect how your page is found.
  4. Domain Authority - In a nutshell, how long term domains that have been trusted can impact the success of your website.

Take some time to review his post for some wonderful imagery and a great set of detailed explanations on each item.

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How long does it take to see the effects of our SEO efforts?

Patience helps you see how your real estate SEO efforts are progressing. Often we make changes like updating content, adding new links to pages and then immediately check Google to see what happened :) Unfortunately it's not an instant world at this point so we have to wait a bit to see what the effects are of what we are doing. If you use some of the tools provided at you will be able to track your progress. Here are some of the results we have encountered on one our websites dedicated to homes in Long Beach.

Term: Long Beach Real Estate Date: Jul 26, 07 Position on Google: Pg 3, Pos. 2
Term: Long Beach Real Estate Date: Aug 23, 07 Position on Google: Pg 2, Pos. 3
Term: Long Beach Real Estate Date: Oct 04, 07 Position on Google: Pg 1, Pos. 8
Term: Long Beach Real Estate Date: Oct 21, 07 Position on Google: Pg 1, Pos. 7

As you can see from being on the 3rd Pg of Google results in July we have now come to be on the first page. In that time we have added extensive new content, have posted on many BLOGs, and continued to improve our internal links on our website. Lots of little changes and some pages have helped us to get to the first page. Our work isn't done (it never seems to be) but if you track your results using some of the great tools out there you can see how you are progressing. Good luck and be patient! :)

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


5 Tips to Increase Page Visibility

As you are adding to your web presence, it is important that when you do add content that it is viewed by as many people as possible. Here are 5 tips to increase your page visibility:
  1. Focused Content - Don't try to accomplish too much in 1 page. When you write a page concentrate on a particular topic (like california first time buyers, or condos in Long Beach) so the meaning of your page will be clear to visitors and to the search engines.
  2. PPC Ad - Create a PPC ad on Google and Yahoo and direct it to your page. A nice targeted group of words and phrases can bring that traffic you are looking for.
  3. Site Map - Make sure to update your site map to reflect that you have added a new page. Optimally you will have physical HTML page as for a sitemap as well as an XML sitemap. Keeping this up to date will help your the spiders to see you regularly update your website and bring them back more often :)
  4. BLOG Post - As are are all BLOGGING, put up a blog post providing a snippet of information about your new page. Maybe it is about a new loft development or a new loan program, whatever it is, give a hint about it on your blog and link back to your website!
  5. Internal Linking - Hopefully the content you are creating is somewhat related to other areas within your website. Link from one of your other pages in your website (optimally one that is indexed already) and link to your new page!

Following these 5 tips everytime you ad new content will belp increase the visibility of your new pages. With powerful Calls to Action, you will be able to quickly get some contacts out of those new pages ! Good luck.

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