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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


5 Questions to consider before hosting your real estate agent website

Choosing a company to help you with your real estate agent website shouldn't be difficult. Although there are many different vendors out there to decide from, the best part to decide first is what you will want out of the company. Here are 5 quick checklist items that you should think about when deciding on who to choose for your real estate agent website.

  1. Will you upload new content pages for FREE? - Some vendors like Advanced Access will post up new pages for you if you send them the content for no charge. As you will want to stay up to date this is a good question to ask!

  2. What features are must have on my website? - Items like MLS Search and a form for Sellers to give their address for a CMA are must haves, but you may not need the FSBO listing tool. Write down which features you want on your website so you can see which vendor has all of the items you are looking for.

  3. What type of customer support is available? - Are they available only on week days or on weekends too?

  4. How long is the contract for? - Is it a set-up fee and the month to month? Am I locked in for a year? Find a vendor that is flexible for you and meets your budget constraints.

  5. Do they offer additional services? - Do you want to company that offers Search Engine Optimization services or search engine marketing services? Will they explain what they are doing and how will they be held accountable for the results?

Consider these 5 questions before you decide on the vendor to host your website. You will more than likely be with that vendor for quite some time so it is ok to take time to decide which will be the best fit for you.

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