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Saturday, July 21, 2007


5 Items to Test for your Landing Pages

Testing your landing pages is what can help you to get more contacts out of the same visitors! Landing pages are where you send your customers from you online marketing like pay per click. Often as soon as we get some results that we are happy with, we stop trying to see if we could improve those results :).

For simple testing of pages you may want to consider changing the following changes to different versions:
  1. Display the same adcopy in a different format (i.e. with bullet points or bolded)
  2. Drastically different adcopy to get he same idea across
  3. Different colors on your page
  4. Change Page Titles on each version
  5. Provide a Guarantee on some versions and none on the others
The professional SEOs recommended testing anywhere from 3-9 versions! Try testing a few different landing pages with your real estate pay per click ads to see what has the greatest impact. A great BLOG post by SEOmoz, a leading SEO company in Seattle, put together an in-depth article so you can consider different aspects of Landing pages and how to convert visitors.

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