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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


3 Tips to Improve Your Search Results by Google!

Succeeding in organic results in Google, may be time consuming but it doesn't have to be a total mystery! Google, has a wonderful webmaster center where you can learn many of the tips to succeed. Now...hold are saying "I am not a webmaster, I am a real estate agent", that's ok! These tips can be passed on to your webmaster (because they don't always know what to do) and many of them you can do yourself!
  • Submit your site to Google -sounds obvious, but I know many who forget or just don't know how. -
  • Sitemap - Put a simple page on your website that points to places within your website that you would like people to know about.
  • Quality Content - Make sure your content is original and is focused on a particular subject area. Remember these pages are for humans to read, not search engines :)

These are just 3 small tips to think about, but Google actually has put up an excellent page on webmaster guidelines that states what to do and definitely what not to do so you can be successful with your real estate internet marketing.

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